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couple Simplified Life with Vitality

John Hancock’s Simplified Life is an easy issue VUL product that offers a unique combination of death benefit protection and tax favored growth potential. And now with the John Hancock Vitality Program, your clients have the opportunity to enhance their income potential even more and earn rewards for living healthy.

Product highlights include:
  • Optimized for cash value accumulation
  • Easy application process — most policies issued in 8 days or less
  • No invasive medical screenings or tests
  • The John Hancock Vitality Program offers rewards and discounts for simply living a healthy life.
Three Simple Steps
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John Hancock will then contact your client
and conduct a 20-minute phone interview.

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This material is for institutional/broker-dealer use only. Not for distribution or use with the public.

Insurance policies and/or associated riders and features may not be available in all states.

Variable universal life insurance has annual fees and expenses associated with it in addition to life insurance related charges. Variable universal life insurance products are subject to market risk and are unsuitable as a short term savings vehicle. Cash values are not guaranteed and will fluctuate, and the policy may lose value.

Variable life insurance is sold by product and fund prospectus, which should be read carefully. They contain information on the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the variable product and its underlying investment options. These factors should be considered carefully before investing.

Loans and withdrawals will reduce the death benefit, cash surrender value, and may cause the policy to lapse. Lapse or surrender of a policy with a loan may cause the recognition of taxable income. Policies classified as modified endowment contracts may be subject to tax when a loan or withdrawal is made. A federal tax penalty of 10% may also apply if the loan or withdrawal is taken prior to age 59 1/2.

Some riders may have additional fees and expenses associated with them. Refer to the product prospectus for additional information.

Insurance products are issued by: John Hancock Life Insurance Company (U.S.A.), Boston, MA 02210 (not licensed in New York) and John Hancock Life Insurance Company of New York, Valhalla, NY 10595 and securities offered through John Hancock Distributors LLC, through other broker/dealers that have a selling agreement with John Hancock Distributors LLC, 197 Clarendon Street, Boston, MA 02210.

The HealthyFood benefit is available to your clients on qualified purchases during their first program year regardless of their Vitality Status. In subsequent program years, HealthyFood discounts are only available if they achieve a Gold or Platinum Status. They will, however, continue to accumulate Vitality Points for their healthy food purchases no matter what their Vitality Status.

Enhanced income will apply based on the Status attained by the life insured.

John Hancock Vitality Program rewards and discounts are only available to the person insured under the eligible life insurance policy. Rewards may vary based on the ownership and inforce status of the insurance policy, and the state where the insurance policy was issues.

Vitality is the provider of the John hancock Vitality Program in connection with policies issued by John Hancock.